The Glad Stones in Japan!

That’s right, I’m heading to the Land of the Rising Sun with Carol tomorrow for a week! It’s our first time there and I’m sooo looking forward to it. Will spend a few days in Tokyo before taking a bullet train to Kobe, where Jaye is based. There, we have shows lined up at three of Japan’s quintessential live music houses. Here’s what the schedule looks like right now:

11th April at Varit

12th April at Andy’s Imagine

13th April at Center Street Live

Gonna attempt to update this blog while I’m there, or I’ll just post random stuff on TGS’ Facebook page. Oh, and if you missed our recent Starbucks Singapore tour, you can catch up on on what happened on our Facebook page as well.

Oh, and here’s a recent shot of us, courtesy of Ivan Joshua Loh of Pigs Can Fly photography:



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