Musicity’s comin’ right at ‘cha folks! – Fab freebie at the end ;)

I’m so excited to be part of the 2014 Musicity project launching in Singapore this Friday, right in the heart of hip Tiong Bahru, bursting at the seams with nostalgia, style and Singaporean flavours all at once.

So what’s Musicity about? It’s an international project that has already been rolled out in major cities like Oslo, Tokyo and London and this is the second time it’s coming to Singapore. It’s a new way to experience a place, and be re-introduced to it with either song or poetry. 

What you need to do it to is to download the web app first, and when you get to the location you can stream the music as you take in the surroundings – certainly a new way to re-experience the historically rich Tiong Bahru that we know and love so well.

I’m honoured to be one of the 8 artists invited to be part of this project. I’ve written a song specially for Musicity and the past few months have been exciting – creating the song, fine-tuning, getting it recorded and produced by the talented guys from Beep Studios, and the pre-event photoshoots and media interviews that have been rolling in.

I will be performing this coming Saturday, 26 April 2014, 7:30pm at The French Bookshop, presenting the song I wrote, The Place Where We Met, alongside my other originals, and I look forward to your support! Tickets are available for sale at only $20 and if you click on the button that says “show details”, you can see some special promos The French Bookshop is offering just for you who come to the show.

Something interesting has also surfaced as the project progressed – it connected me and a distant relative! Jennifer Champion, an emerging face in the local spoken word scene, wrote a poem about the day my grandfather Kelly died during WWII, and how my aunty Marie was born the following day in the Tiong Bahru air raid shelter. It was when the artists were trading personal stories with the organisers that they made the link, and hooked us up!

As a special treat for everyone, Jennifer and I will also be performing together on another day, Saturday 9 May 2014 at Bincho, and we will be collaborating on a piece. Again, please do buy tics to support!

As promised in the beginning of this entry, I will be giving away a pair of tickets to 2 lucky winners (4 tics in all, which means the winner gets to bring a guest – great date opportunity people) to my shows on 26th April and 9th May. It’s simple to win – just drop me a mail at marcel (at) with the subject title “Musicity Rawks” and provide me your full name, email address and contact number. Winners will be chosen in no particular order and will be announced here in a few days so check back!

Meanwhile, do check out the other brilliant acts lined up for Musicity too – Marc Nair, The Sam Willows, The Fab Lab, Seyra, Gideon + Allee, Nabilah Husna and MONSTER CAT. Support your local acts, download the free app that launches this Friday and see you in Tiong Bahru!


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