Introducing… The Glad Stones!

Yes, that’s us! That’s the name we’ve come up for our duo – after thinking of and rejecting dozens of ideas (most of them pretty silly!).

There’s a story behind every band name, no matter how crazy it is… so here goes.

I wanted a happy-sounding name to reflect the nature of our music – fresh, rhythmic, feel-good, and all that… So, we spent a few days throwing ideas around over SMS. I remember suggesting something like “The Happy Project”, and then we started thinking of synonyms for “happy”.

Naturally, the word “glad” popped up – and in a totally random string of events, the iPhone’s auto-correct function changed “glad” to “Gladstone”! We thought that was a really cool word, and of course we Googled it… and well, a Gladstone is a small and sturdy travelling suitcase – the kind you’d bring with you around the world. We loved it.

To make the name a little more fresh – after all it refers to a product that was invented in the late 19th Century – we split the word into “Glad Stones”

Pretty random, yes. But that’s us all over.

It’s now Week 45 of my song-a-week project, and we’ll continue the rest on our very own YouTube channel:

Do check it out, and don’t forget to click subscribe!



  1. Shalabh Pandey · March 14, 2011

    Good going. Always wanted to propose you the idea of a duo/band. Brings more character.


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