And the audience clapped along…

Last night, the most amazing thing happened to me…

It was my turn to perform at the Songwriters’ Showcase @ TAB Singapore, so I went onstage with Anthony to do three of my songs. I wasn’t expecting anything because there really wasn’t much of a crowd on a Tuesday night, and only a few tables were occupied. (The place is huge, like I mentioned in my previous post.)

So, I started with “I Lose Control”, followed by “Bad Stuff Got You Good”, which I thought were pretty well-received. The last song I did was “27” – one of my older songs which I wrote when I turned 27. What surprised me was that towards the end of the piece, people started clapping along to the beat!

Now that’s never happened to me before, I thought to myself. It was a great feeling, I can tell you. Little things like this can make your day 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed myself there, not just performing but also listening to music by other songwriters. It was truly a night of originality.

Here’s a nice shot Carol took of the performance:

Performing at the Songwriter Showcase @ TAB Singapore, accompanied by guitarist Anthony Kok.


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  1. Binna · February 4, 2012


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