Week 17 – Driving On The Wrong Side Of Life

I had the title for this song “Driving On The Wrong Side Of Life” for ages. Wrote it down somewhere, but never got down to doing anything about it until this week.

After spending a relaxing five days with Carol in Bangkok, I returned home early Saturday morning desperately searching for song ideas for the week, and fortunately stumbled upon this title. It spoke to me because I have been feeling a little out of sorts lately, wondering if I’ve chosen the right path in life.

I love the title because the imagery is easy to grasp – it’s a song about going against the flow, doing your own thing. Inevitably, though, you will have to dodge the oncoming traffic. And that’s how I feel sometimes.

Driving On The Wrong Side Of Life
© Music and Lyrics by Marcel Lee Pereira, 28 Aug, 2010

I see the headlights coming close
So close
I can feel the cars as they whizz past
It’s dark on this winding road
People rushing
To a place that I don’t know

They stare as if I’m crazy
Or high
On air and dreams, and make believe
The way ahead is hazy
Should I
Turn around, go with the flow

Look at me, I’ve lost my stride
It’s like I’m driving on the wrong side
Of life
Of life

I wish I had somebody here
Beside me
To show me where I’m supposed to go
No wrong or right, no fears
A friend
Who’ll hold my hand as I carry on

Will you take my hand
Will you take the wheel
If I’m lost and blind


I was privileged to catch Singaporean singer-songwriter Corrinne May’s concert last night at the Divine Mercy Church in Pasir Ris. It was a free event organised by Cana, The Catholic Centre (the same people behind the 13:34 musical), and the tickets went like hotcakes. A church may seem like an odd place to hold a concert, but it really was the perfect setting – just her and a grand piano, playing her original compositions to a packed hall.

I can’t say that I know many of her songs – I only recognised 2-3 of the numbers she played… songs like “On The Side Of Me” and “Five Loaves and Two Fishes”. Her voice is like a warm, soothing breeze that washes over you and calms your spirit, and I couldn’t help but cling on to her every word.

It was my first time watching her live, and she has completely no airs about her. She chatted to the audience in between songs, fussed over her young daughter Claire, who was seated in the front row, and spoke about her Catholic faith and how it influenced her songwriting. Her songs are indeed moving, powerful, and very spiritual. I’ll just share one of them with you here – it’s about the boy in the Bible who offered what little he had to Jesus.

I feel humbled and inspired to work harder at my craft.


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