Week 7 – We’ve Got All Day

I’m writing this post with a fever, sore throat, cough and running nose – so I’ll keep it short. Been sick since Friday… I think it must be all the late-night World Cup matches.

We’ve Got All Day is meant to be a feel-good song. You know the feeling of just wanting to get away from the routines of life? This song is about that.

When she heard it, Carol said to me: “This song is so unlike you. You’re always saying we DON’T have all day.” Point taken.

Lyrics below. Apologies if I sound congested. I am. But hey, week 7’s done!

We’ve Got All Day
© Music and Lyrics by Marcel Lee Pereira, 19 June, 2010

Let’s get lost in a sea of passion
Forget about our cares, just for a while
A rendezvous never goes out of style

Go wherever the train takes us
Lose the map, we don’t need to know
We’ll just go with the flow

Cos we’ve got all day
Cos we’ve got all day

We’ll have a picnic by the beach
Take a walk along the never-ending shore
Find new places to explore

We’ll have the best day ever
The seconds will crawl slowly by
We’re not complaining, you and I

Cos we’ve got all day
Cos we’ve got all day

A taste sweeter than Indian candy
Something I just can’t resist, when we kiss
So let’s get away, we won’t be missed

So let’s get away…

Cos we’ve got all day
Cos we’ve got all day…



  1. Lil' Sis · June 26, 2010

    This has such a whimsical feel to it…nice!

  2. เพลงใหม่ · January 15, 2011

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